Integrate System / Source Code

I would like to use Manager as part of a bigger ‘backend’ system that I am developing for my business.

Can you tell me?

a) View the source code for Manager - I’ve downloaded the link from the download page, but under source it just has a small 13 byte file that only says 3.0 (native)
Where / How can I view the code?

and alternatively, b) How I can send data from my system to manager, so that my system updates Manager and vice versa.

may i ask you as experience user… did i have a source code if I buy this software license? thanks…

Manager is not open-source. You can use API to read/write data. Right now, API has only .NET adapter which means the program that would interact with Manager should be written in .NET language, preferably C#.

I want to create a custom report that define total production and total cost for production.
E.g i have created a lamp
And used material bulb iron etc
I need a report that define how many lamps i have made and what material i have used in it and cost for it…
I am a developer and using manager from last year i have a perpetual license too.
I can edit it if i just have acces to source code or if there is any other way you can just give me acces to the database so i can create custom reports my self.

You cannot access the source code since it’s not open source. You can access to data through standard and custom reports (or API). You cannot have direct access through ODBC or similar protocols.