Questions before I buy pls

I am looking at moving my accounts over to manager but I have a few questions if someone could answer them for me it would be much appreciated.

Is it possible to import sales, purchases and customers from a spreadsheet into Manager,
Does Manager handle building items in inventory i.e. combining several products into a new product.
Does Manager produce stock alert for low stock items.
and does it handle BAS

Thank you.

You can do batch creations of customers, but not sales or purchase invoices. See this Guide:

Depending on exactly what you mean, this is handled through either production orders or inventory kits. The first produces new inventory items from other inventory items already in stock. The second allows you to sell groups of inventory items together without actually assembling a new product, more like a pick list.

Depends what you mean by “alert.” No buzzers go off, but inventory reports are available.


I recommend you download the free desktop edition and play games until all your questions are answered. Then decide whether to spend money on the server or cloud editions. And reading the Guides should answer most of your questions. But real understanding comes with use, hence the recommendation for a trial run before committing your real business to the program.

Thank you for your help. I was wanting to just use the desktop edition and stay away from cloud.

Then its totally free. No risk.

Am playing with the desktop version can I ask a few more questions
Once a purchase order has been filled and a invoice received how do I get ride of the purchase order or at least show it is no longer outstanding?
How do I generate a inventory report showing stock levels so that I know what to re order.
Is it possible to add items, suppliers or customers as I enter the invoice or do I need to add the details such as item details before I generate a invoice.
can I have more than 1 window open at a time on the desktop version so that if I need to enter say the customer I dont have to close the invoice to do so.
Thank you

A process like that is under consideration

Currently, there is an inventory quantity report but Manager doesn’t store a minimum inventory level per item.

You “need to add the details” before generating the invoice".


  1. you can clone the created invoice and edit minor details.
  2. Alternatively you can do it in ManagerServer through browser
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