Questions about brokerage fees on invoices

Good day,
I’m a broker and i invoice my clients brokerage fees. Hence, i want to prepare a service sale invoice like below:-

item = USD 100$
exchange rate (USD TO INR): 70
Total = INR 7000 INR
Brokerage 10% = 700 INR.
GST on brokerage (18%) =126

Request you to kindly guide how to modify the invoice to accommodate above details.

Thank you for your assistance.

You need to read and understand the various Guides concerning base currency, foreign currencies, exchange rates, sales invoices, customers, and tax codes. Create a test business (you can have as many businesses as you want in Manager) and experiment.

In the future, please do not divert topics with unrelated questions. See FAQ - Manager Forum. Your question has nothing to do with custom fields. And you do not need to modify invoices to accommodate your needs.

After you have read the Guides and experimented with a test business, if you still have specific questions, start a new topic with an appropriate subject.

noted yours below.
However, please not the item amnt as shown in my query is variable and changes from invoice to invoice.
besides, the exchange rate (ROE) also varies from invoices as they change on hourly basis. Hence a ROE has to be inserted for every exchange rate.
I am unable to factor all these.
pls help,

@RAM93, I guess you ignored my comments about diverting topics. Your post and the responses to it were moved to a new topic. Please do not do that again.

You also apparently ignored my advice about reading the Guides and starting a new topic. When you have done all that, you will be able to get help on the forum by illustrating your exact situation with screen shots from the test business.

Good Morning,
My apologies.
Thank you for your response. Shall keep in mind the points mentioned.

Please find below screenshot of my present situation.

I am trying to insert below details:-

item = USD 100$ (trying to insert this in unit price . However, unit price has to be in dollars . tried to use inventory/non inventory feature. However, this value is variable and changes for every invoice. therefore creating inventory field seemed to be unhelpful.).

Exchange rate=70$ (system provides only one place to insert the ROE at the settings. This is not suitable as the exchange rate applicable changes for every invoice. Hence require a cell here to insert the rate. custom field was not able to used in calculation).

Total= displayed correctly in the total column in INR.

brokerage (my income)= Wasn’t able to get this inserted. Looked into other threads on this where i saw the suggestion that commission should not be inserted using tax codes feature.

GST on brokerage(18%)= yes, was able to create a tax code for this.

TOTAL AMNT PAYABLE= is displayed properly.

I would like to seek my assistance for below points.

  1. Item
  2. Exchange rate.
  3. Brokerage commission.
  4. Remove HSN/ SAC code field.

Await Yours,

What are you actually selling, @RAM93? Are you a money changer? If so, you need some type of trading application. But Manager is an accounting program. You have the wrong software.

Thanks for your prompt response.

Would like to give an outlook of the business.

Supplier A who sells a service (USD price fluctuate as per market)
Buyer B who requires a service.

I as an intermediatry connect the two parties for which i receive commission.
The sale and puchase occurs in USD.
For the service i provided , i receive a commission in INR. The exchange rate applied basis the time/ date when the service was delivered by the buyer to seller.

Hope the above clarifies,

Kindly assist.

Manager does not handle sale invoices the way you would like to - there is no feature to use exchange rates they way you are asking

You could use Sale Invoice line custom fields to capture the USD amount and exchange rate used but you would have to calculate the values manually and enter them into the Sales Invoice line

Alternatively you could just use the Description field on the invoice line

Noted your response. Thank you,

Would it be possible to hide these options?

no that is not possible

Why would you want to hide them?

I do not use these features. The interface will look cleaner with this option hidden.

Unfortunately, as eko pointed out, this is not possible