Help in making custom theme with custom field

Hello , Please I am not good in coding and need t make the following for the sales & purchase invoice as the attached screenshot , but i am not able to do it , so your help will be appreciated … :slightly_smiling_face:

Please note for your reference that the 1% tax is considered part of my profit taxes to be collected by the gov later as same .

If the client deduct from me the 1% , He will be deposit them under my taxes account for the Gov
If i do deduct from my supplier the 1% , I will deposit this amount under his taxes account to the Gov

Appreciate your help in advance :slight_smile:

You don’t need a custom field or custom theme. What you have described is a withholding tax or tax withheld at source. Read this Guide:

Thanks for your reply but Withholding taxes are being deducted after a first Total of the Sub Total and the 14% Tax as shown in my case and not being added to an expense account

Just Re Read my Equation and you will get it right :slight_smile: :)))

Withholding is calculated on the sum of the subtotal plus tax. The reason taxes withheld at the source are not posted to an expense account is that they are not expenses of the company. They are posted to an asset account, Tax withholding receivable, to record money owed to the tax authority on your behalf by your customer. When your customer remits, the amount is transferred to Withholding tax and is available to offset against your tax bill. If the tax is a responsibility of the business (not the owner personally), it will be recorded as an expense only when you make your tax filing.

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Yes , Withholding is calculated by adding the subtotal to Tax 1 Which in my case is the 14% , Which i dont want this to be happened , also withholding taxes arent applicable when making purchase invoice

Lets Consider Tax 1 = 14% and Tax 2 = 1%

So I Need my final Net total to be like this ( as mentioned also in the screenshot i have attached :

Total = ( ( Subtotal - ( Subtotal * 1% ) ) + ( Subtotal * 14% ) )

Hope you get my point :slight_smile:

I confess I did not examine your numbers in your first screen shot. I was focused on your incorrect statement that withholding tax should be showing up in an expense account and the underlying principal that you were describing tax withheld at the source.

Since you want to apply withholding tax only to a subtotal, excluding other taxes, you should calculate and enter it as a fixed amount. This is described in the Guide under the section titled Sales Invoice Process.

If you are required to have your customers withhold tax from their payments of your sales invoices, the same will be true of your suppliers. When they send you a sales invoice specifying withholding tax, you must enter it as a purchase invoice. Follow the procedures in the Guide under Purchase Invoice Process.