Customisation the style of Invoice and Its linking to accounting

Hi, Wish you all a happy new year 2019…

Our business is a Freight Forwarding service provider ( We do international transportation for exports & imports and customs clearance activity).

I have a doubt and need step by step clarification on customization of the Invoice format and its auto calculation linking to the accounts book, Kindly guide me for the following:

  1. Our billing format column (9 Column) would be as follows:
    DESCRIPTION || TAX % || SAC CODE || CURRENCY || UNIT || F C UNIT RATE || F C Amount || Ex Rate || Amount in INR:::::
  2. In the MANAGER we can create column but as per required sequence we are not able to place for the above column. Is it possible to create as per above sequence in the MANAGER?
  3. In the MANAGER we can create column but as per required account linking auto calculation its not calculating. Is it possible to create as per above sequence? {For example- Unit is 100 Kg @ USD 2.00 / Kg = USD 200 @ Rs.50 (Ex Rate) = INR 10000/-} - Kindly confirm.
  4. Our Invoice creates with the help of multi currency. for example above point No 3 in one line (row) and 2nd line may be called HANDLING CHARGES in the description with total charges of INR 5000 for the total unit.
  5. So we will have in one Invoice may be (a) USD Currency, (b) Euro currency and also © INR Currency. Question all these may have exemption of tax, or one item may be exempted of tax and other 2 may be different tax %. In this case is MANAGER calculate properly for all line (row) tax, Total etc… and considering multi currency as well??
  6. In our trade line different types of Income and expenses has different types of taxes and exemption, In this case TAX would like to show against the description, But in the MANAGER calculate all in TOTAL TAX. Is there any possibility to show the different % of taxes against the description heads?

For the above points if anybody can help us to solve these issues this will be a great for us.

Kindly reply with complete example and explanation.



I see you are new to the forum. I assume you are new to Manager, as well. So I will make some general comments about your questions. These are keyed to your numbers above:

  1. Your desired line item content and sequence leaves out the quantity. It also includes the exchange rate. Sales invoices are entirely in a single currency, which is determined by the currency you have defined for the customer.

  2. Column sequence could be adjusted, but only with a very elaborate custom theme. That is well beyond the scope of this forum, which is not a coding forum. See

  3. You cannot do what you ask. As mentioned above, exchange rates and multiple currencies have no place within a sales invoice, which is entirely in the currency of the customer.

  4. You can add handling charges. Just add additional line items.

  5. Again, multiple currencies within one invoice are impossible. But each line item can have its own tax rate applied. See and

  6. The applied tax codes are shown for every line item unless the entire sales invoice uses only one tax code. The amount of tax for each code is separated in the totals sections.