Custom Field for Brokerage in Invoice Total

Hello Dev!

I came across this Custom field section and thought this can solve my problem. I am not a coder but if guided with the code i Can solve my problem.

Sales Invoice

item = xxx
gst 12% = xx
Total = xxxx
Brokerage 2% = xx

Now in the above example I would like to add brokerage field with the following attributes:

  1. Brokerage is in either Percentage or fixed (Select) and if percentage “Select percentage”
  2. Brokerage is applicable on the sales value excluding GST tax.
  3. Brokerage with tax or without tax.(Select)
  4. Select broker from the list of brokers created in Brokerage under Expenses.

Please any other developer in the forum can help will really be appreciated.
Thank you.

Who pays the brokerage amount, to whom, and when?

I as a seller pay the brokerage to the party who arrange the meeting with the buyer (like middle man) and his commission is based on the total sales value excluding tax (commission in percentage usually).

Then it is incorrect to include brokerage on the sales invoice, because the transactions are with different entities. You need to enter a purchase invoice or payment for the broker.