Question re Bank rules?

Just want to know how I can recover the bank rules functionality after I had my laptop crash and lost data??? When I bring in the data this time the bank rules don’t work for me???

What happens if you go Settings - Bank Rules and you try to create one ?

What happens when you do a Import Bank Statement and click on Bank Rule button ?

@Jonathan_Clayton, when you say you lost data, exactly what do you mean? Did you have a backup file on a separate drive, and did you import it to a new installation using the Add Business button? If so, your data should all have been recovered as of the date of the backup, as should your bank rules, reports definitions, etc.

Or, when you mention bringing in data this time, are you referring to importing a bank statement into a completely new installation of Manager, in which you have re-entered all your data?

Finally, it sounds like you are using the desktop edition, but please confirm.