Setting up New Bank Rule not working

I can’t seem to get bank rules to work.
I have set up several bank rules as I’m working through “suspense” transactions but they don’t seem to work…

bulk update button does nothing and I can’t tick any of the boxes except the one at the very top which does not seem to have any effect. I’m not sure where to check to see if the bank rule does exist and is saved.

I’m not sure how to troubleshoot this one, the instructions in the articles I have read just don’t seem to work for me.

Ah , Managed to find the list of saved “Bank Rules” and I have about 15 saved but non seem to work when I import a new bank statement each month. Is there a trick to turning on the bank rule activation??

any help appreciated


Have just updated desktop software to latest version and Bank Rules still not working!!!

Did you read and follow the Guide: Some of your comments suggest that you have not.

yes read it many times and have created about 15 Bank Rules exactly as described but none work.
By working I mean that when I return to the suspended yet to be categorized transaction they do not have the red and green notation as indicated in the guide to indicate that the new bank rule has been applied??

I have updated my version to the latest version today and created several new rules which alas bear no fruit.

Hi Tut
which comments suggest I haven’t rad the guide because maybe that’s where my problem lies in that I’m not understanding a particular step in the process???

For one thing, you did not know where to look to see bank rules already created. That’s something clearly explained in the Guide. You seemed to have stumbled across the Bank Rules setting page accidentally.

Post a screen shot of a bank rule definition that doesn’t work. Then post a screen shot of an imported transaction you think it should have allocated.

@neil, your post was deleted because it contained your bank account number. Never reveal such information on the forum. It is not secure. Additionally, the post did not include the necessary information:

  • You posted your list of bank rules. You need to post a screen shot of a bank rule definition. Obscure the bank account number.
  • You posted what looked, possibly, like lists of transactions, although you did not show enough the page to include the headings, breadcrumbs, etc. So it was not possible to be sure. You need to post the Edit screen of an actual transaction that should have been caught by the same bank rule you posted above. Then it should be possible to determine why it was not caught.