Inventory Enquiry

I seem to having a regular hiccup with my physical stock not matching the quantities shown on the Inventory Items page.

It is of course possible that at times, maybe the wrong coloured item has been sent out (the majority of my sales are for one specific item but there are various colours stocked) but, these cases would be very very rare.

Normally if it’s showing + or -or - 1 or 2 units, I do an adjustment to get them back on track.

At the moment however, I’m showing that I have around 50 units less than my actual physical count and that quantity is virtually a full shipment so it looks almost as though a complete shipment has not been “booked in” by creating and completing a Purchase Invoice.

I’ve gone back through my bank account payments from September up until now and it looks as though all of the relevant purchase invoices have been raised and entered correctly.

I am using Manager on a Cash Basis (if that makes any difference with the timing of inventory or financial transactions adjusting stock figures etc)

i.e. Are stock figures updated when a purchase invoice is raised or when the payment is entered and also with sales, are the stock figures updated on the invoice being raised or is it when payment is received from a customer ?

Last but not least, just to make it clear in this old brain, it would be very much appreciated if someone could confirm my understanding of the terminology useds on the Inventory Items page ?

QTY ON HAND = Total quantity of items received (purchased)
QTY TO DELIVER = Total quantity of units sold
QTY OWNED = Physical stock on Hand

Thanks again for all of your patience and assistance



this may not be related to purchase alone. you might have selected the same inventory for sales previously which created a negative quantity as -50. adding the newly received inventory would only adjust the previous quantity and so the quantity on hand will be zero.
it would be better if you generate under the Reports section an inventory quantity movement report and check verify your purchase and sales against the same.

purchase invoice would add the inventory stock. if the Goods Receipt tab is enabled, creating goods receipt for the purchase invoice will add the inventory stock.

please read the below guides.

Also, drill down by clicking on all the balances for the item in question under the Inventory Items tab. You will be able to discover the full history of transactions involving that item. There could be sales invoices, purchase invoices, credit notes, debit notes, bank transactions, cash transactions, inventory write-offs, goods receipts, delivery notes, production orders, or journal entries that affect quantities. A typing error on any one, as simple as a stray minus sign, or an omission or duplication on any one, could be the problem. But, that is why we do physical counts.