Expense Claims & Payments

Please can you clarify the following caims & payments for expenses. We are a small group of volunteers and Manager desktop is just what I have been searching for, forquite some time.

I think I understand that Expense Claims are for recording Expenses (items which I pay for out of my own pocket and need to get reimbursed for eg. inkjet cartridges). The expense claim is only recorded in the accounts as an expense for the catagory but no item for payment is created.

The payment has to be created in one of the cash accounts as an item of spending money.

I appear to be experiencing a doubling up of the spend here which I cannot understand.


What you describe is correct as far as you went. First, make sure you have read this Guide:

Perhaps when you Spend money to pay the claim, you are allocating that transaction a second time to the expense account involved? The correct allocation is Expense claims => Payer. Of course, the person being reimbursed (who is the Payer) must have been created as an expense claim payer before entering the original expense claim. Otherwise, no liability to pay that person will exist in the database.