Question about declarations

Hello I had a question about declarations.

I have 2 companies. In one of them i deliver packages all over europe with a car. for the client i drive for i can declarate a xx eurocents per km. so for example if i have to drive 200 km’s i can declarate say for example € 0,10 per KM so i can declarate 200 X €0,10=€20,00. I drive a couple of packages each week.
My question is if there is a way to put this all on one invoice which i can sent to the client.
Like it can be done with billable time. When i use billable time for my other company i can choose my client en than put all the billable time i made that week on one invoice.

So is this also possible for the km’s i make in one week? so let’s say i get one delivery on Monday, one on Wednesday and one on Friday can i put this on one invoice?

Hope you understand my question.




Yes, create the Sales Invoice for the Monday delivery and then edit that invoice to add the Wednesday and Friday deliveries.

Ah oke thnx.

Then i insert the dates in the description cause when you take billable time it says on the invoice first the date and then the product/service you provided.



and thnx again

A km allowance is a perfect use for expense claims. No money changes hands, but the expense is legitimate. On the expense claim, show yourself as the payer. Enter allowance for the payee or leave it blank. Allocate the transaction to Billable expenses. When viewing the Customers tab, you will see the expense claim as part of the Uninvoiced column.

Yes, but how do you clear the Expense Claims account balance that that transaction creates.

@remyvandemortel is not trying to reimburse their own pocket, they just want to charge the Customer the service fee (klm x rate) for a multiple of services within the week

If the service fee was hourly rate - you would use - Add "New Billable Time"
But the service fee is klm rate - so he was asking if there was an option - Add “New Billable Expense”

No such option exists, so just create and edit the sales invoice, building up the services to be charged.
A direct entry instead of - Add “New Billable Expense” entry

Depending on structure of the chart of accounts, clear to Owner’s equity (if a sole trader/proprietor) or Capital accounts (if a partner). In fact, if a capital account is being used, the expense claim will post there automatically, so long as the partner’s name is chosen from the Members group in Expense claims payer field.

I have made the assumption that @remyvandemortel is using a personally owned vehicle when incurring the distance charges. In such a case, there is no direct expense to offset the income recognized when the customer is invoiced. So income will be higher than actual and any income taxes will be unnecessarily higher, as well. But if the distance charges are deductible from income for tax purposes, you need a way to recognize them. The expense claim records what is, then, an equivalent contribution of capital in the form of use of a personal vehicle. It can also be posted to Billable expenses, which is a convenient way of being able to later add it to invoices.

On the other hand, if the vehicle is owned by the business and its expenses are posted directly to an expense account, then the costs of operating it are already being recorded. So a direct posting to an income account for the distance charges would be correct. In this situation, since there is no direct expenditure of money for the charge, so there can be no posting to Billable expenses, and you need to post directly to an income account.