Queries in Custom Reports no longer work after update


After updating from 16.12.52 to 17.10.25 the queries in Custom Reports are not working. They start running but show no result. In 16.12.52 it worked fine with the same, unchanged database. I work with the Dutch translation, but English is also not working.
I use “select * from JournalEntryLines” to download my transactions for reporting in Power BI.
Please enable this again as soon as possible.


There have been hundreds of updates and changes to program since your last update. The structure of the database has been modified several times. Custom reports is a work in progress for which there is no documentation. So finding workable queries is a guessing game. The capability has not been disabled, but the variables that you previously searched for successfully probably do not exist any longer.


When I use a non-existing variable, I receive an error: System.NullReferenceException: De objectverwijzing is niet op een exemplaar van een object ingesteld. bij ManagerServer.HttpHandlers.Businesses.Business.Reports.CustomReports.CustomReports2.Post().
JournalEntryLines seems a valid variable, because it does not give me an error. The query just keeps on running without any results.


I’m sorry. I cannot help. As I said, there is no documentation for this unsupported feature. That is why I said “probably.”


I do use 17.10.26 and your query “select * from JournalEntryLines” is working fine. Results show up.
Do you have a recent backup which you can use to check?


I have tested with a backup of a database made in version 16.12.52, also no result.


There have been changes to the database structure since version 16.12.52, as I said, so trying your query on such an old backup is not a valid test. @ries’s point was that he cannot see the problem on the recent version.


Out of interest, how many Journal Entries do you have in this business file?

Perhaps there’s just an extremely large amount of data.

Desktop, Server or Cloud Edition?


292 entries. I use Desktop version.


I have no idea what your accounting processes might be or how long you’ve been using Manager, but this seems like a lot of journal entries. I’ve been using Manager for 4 years and have only 36 entries, most of which are routine, periodic clearances of expense claims (by the owner) to Owner’s equity. Very few transactions require journal entries in Manager. So while this is a small number in terms of database size, it suggests you might be doing things with journal entries for which there are better approaches.