Error in select statement when setting up a custom report

Using simple statement

select * from SalesInvoiceLines

and getting this error message:

System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at ManagerServer.HttpHandlers.Businesses.Business.Reports.CustomReports.CustomReports2.Post()

This error appears on desktop or server version. What is the cause of this problem?

The main issue with custom reports is that they are still work in progress and database schema is not documented.

In this instance, SalesInvoiceLines table hasn’t been exposed in custom reports yet so it’s not possible to select from it.

Over 6 months ago, you mentioned that the custom report will be introduced and made available to users. I am reading on this forum that users are able to select from various tables, including the one I showed in my sql select. What is the status on this issue. I am a sql programmer (Oracle Financials Consultant) beside my accounting knowledge and would be happy to be able to write custom reports. I purchased this applications because if fits my company. It would be great if your application would work in an Oracle or other sql database. I am still not sure what type of database you are using and how to access the schema. Your help would be appreciated.

There must be an issue with your system. I am unable to select any objects (customers / suppliers) from the server based applications. I am able to select data from the desktop environment.

Your answer does not explain the error on the system. There is a lot of talk but no actions. Many promises about the database schema and providing custom reports. Nothing happens for over 6 months.

How do you explain the above error?

I already did explain the error. SalesInvoiceLines table is not available in custom reports yet.

I shouldn’t make a difference whether you are on desktop edition or server edition. Both editions will behave the same. Perhaps the problem is that you are using an older server edition version?

There is a problem with the server version on Ubuntu.
The server version is Manager 16.2.83 on Ubuntu. The windows desktop version is 16.2.39. The SalesInvoiceLines exists on both systems. I have created many Sales Invoices. The error on the server forced me to install the desktop version to verify the error. I am certain that the current version on Ubuntu will reproduce the same error.

I don’t believe select * from SalesInvoiceLines works on desktop edition as you claim.

select * from SalesInvoice should work though.

FWIW, here are a few queries that I’ve successfully run on Ubuntu (15.7.3 is what I have):

Select Name from Customers
Select * from Suppliers
select CustomerName from SalesInvoices where Reference = “21”
select * from SalesInvoices where CustomerName = “XYZ Bizname” ORDER BY IssueDate

I’d be curious to see what other hopefully more sophisticated queries others have been able to run…


Queries that run on Mac OS X El Capitan, Manager 16.3.74

SELECT reference, issuedate, customername, balancedue FROM SalesInvoices WHERE balancedue>0 ORDER BY issuedate

SELECT reference AS Invoice, issuedate AS Date, customername AS Customer, balancedue AS Balance FROM SalesInvoices ORDER BY issuedate, reference

Are WHERE queries supported yet? I need to pull all the orders within a specific duration, however, WHERE IssueDate > “01-07-2016” and similar queries are giving error. BETWEEN is also giving errors.

Also, can I pull a report based on custom fields? I have ‘state’ as custom field in Customers. Is it possible to list customers (who placed orders in the last month) based on states they are residing in?



IssueDate > DateTime(2016, 7, 1)

Custom fields in custom reports are not yet supported. I suggest check again in a few months, it should be much closer to complete implementation.

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