Quastion about Non-inventory items

How are you friends

I have a problem.

I’m selling services (iron cut, roll iron, etc.)
The way I follow it is by defining an non-inventory item.
It’s working fine.
But I want to know how many services I sold during a certain period or even to a particular customer.

Is there any way i’m going to do this? and thanks

under Reports check Sales Invoice Totals by Item.

@sharpdrivetek’s suggestion will only tell you the monetary amount sold, not the number of times you sold it in the actual report. But you can drill down on the amounts to see quantities.

Yes, that’s right.
I did it, and I didn’t get a result for the quantity.
Is this proposal a general requirement?
If it is, it might be good to study it.

If your drill-down does not show quantities, that means you did not enter quantities on the original sales transactions.