Non inventory ítems - Quantity Sold

I have non inventory items and would like to know the quantity of these ítems sold. Any way I can retrieve that data ?

I would like to report on both sales and purchases of non-inventory items but have not been able to find a way of doing this. I have been waiting patiently for the promised re-vamp of the Custom Reports module hoping that it will include this and also a number of other features.

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To answer both your questions, non-inventory items are simply shortcuts for entering information. The program keeps no records about them. That means there are no subsidiary ledgers to draw on like there are for inventory items. Populating a transaction with non-inventory items is no different from entering the same information manually, except it is faster. So you cannot use them as arguments for custom reports.

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I use it to sell entrance to a park I don’t have an inventory for this, so I made a non inventor item. I would like to be able to know not only the amount sold but also the number of items or entrance. On the sales invoice I use a quantity, I can come back and see the invoice that specifies that quantity so why not have a report as inventory items ?

I wonder why you are using sales invoices for park entry. Surely you are not extending credit to visitors. Why not just enter a receipt?

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Without the ability to report on Non-inventory items, how will a business that only provides services, produce meaningful reports to analyse its sales?

Have you tried custom reports?

First, by designing a chart of accounts that splits sales into desired categories, then allocating non-inventory items to the desired income accounts.

Second, by naming non-inventory items with unique names and codes.

Then, construct custom reports from General Ledger Transactions. Include the account and item name/code among selection criteria. Apply filters for desired descriptions. This is no different from creating a report querying other information. It all depends what you want. But understand, it is seldom easy to delve down to the line item level in transactions, no matter what you’re looking for. Experiment a little.

There are no falcilities on the place, the person at the entrace just writes the info and at the end of the day we make one big invoice for all the day sales, when we deposit the money we do it agains the daily invoice. We also sell othe inventory items like refreshments.

There is no reason at all for a sales invoice, especially since you have no individual customer. Just enter a receipt summarizing the day’s take and save yourself a step. You can summarize both inventory and non-inventory sales on the same receipt.

OK. I can change and instead of an invoice make a receipt but at the end I want to know how many items were sold, I don’t want to put it as an inventory item as it is not, but I like to know how many items were sold.

Then create a custom report, as discussed above.

Thank you. Working on it!