Quantity error in quote

Hello, I am using single user version 16.11.35

A quote I created this morning appears to be showing incorrect data in the quantity field. I The edit page is correct but the view page and output pdf of the quote is not correct. See attached copies of the edit screen, the view screen and the pdf of the quote.

Quote-4.pdf (61.4 KB)

Why do you think the quantities are wrong? Your entry screen shows 1 each for all 6 line items. The completed quote shows 1 each for all 6.

If you are referring to the annotations, such as HDMI-DVI, those are the units of measure you entered for these items in the field labeled Unit name when you created the inventory items. If you want to be rid of them, edit the the inventory items under the Inventory Items tab.

Thank you. I didn’t read the on-screen tip indicating what the unit name field was for.