Quantity and Unit Issues

I just downloaded the desktop version and started setting it up. While putting in my inventory, clicking on Unit Name gives me a, “No matches found” message. Also, I cannot see where to put in the quantity of items. When I go back to the inventory list, it just says, “0” under quantity.

The “No matches found” message is part of the autocomplete function. Just type your unit name in. The next time you create an inventory item, you will see a dropdown list of previously used unit names. That way, you won’t have kilos, kgs, kg, and kilogram floating around in your system. (Actually, you could, but you are less likely to if you start to input one and see what is already there.)

If you have stock on hand when you set up Manager, you input that as a starting balance. Read the Guide: https://guides.manager.io/5497. For future reference, there is a Guide about almost everything.

Thank you so much! I did set the date, but I somehow missed the starting balance! Got both issues resolved :smiley: