Quality Of Life Suggestions

Love Manager so far. I’m looking forward to these features being implemented:

*****When typing invoices or quotes, able to click the down arrow to enter the next row for quick and simple transition. Using the mouse to select the next row is a bit slow for quick typists.

***** Ability to add attachments to Purchase Quotes; and also being able to view .JPG, .PNG, .DOC & .PDF formats while on manager when that attachment is clicked. This will enable to use to view Official Quotes and Invoices made by our suppliers that are attached to corresponding entries.

Search the forum before posting, please. The reasons you cannot do this have been discussed many times, as recently as yesterday.

You already can. See https://www.manager.io/guides/9817.

You already can. These are displayed by your operating system, not Manager.

Okay thanks. though, then i just noticed that attachements only appear on “view”. Is it possible then to be able attach it during the creation of a quote or invoice? Just trying to make the process to have less steps just to add the attachment.


Same number of clicks or mouse movements. Your suggestion only changes when they occur in the sequence. The reason attachments are added in the View screen is that they are not part of the transaction and Manager has no use for them and does nothing with them. You can add or delete them after the fact without touching the transaction form itself.