Qty on hand column show no value when item neither purchased nor sold

Qty on hand column shows blank(no value) for item which has never been purchased or sold. I think it should show ‘0’ for above case also, just like the way “Total cost” column shows “0.00” for same items.

It looks more presentable if ‘0’ is there instead of blank. Its looks so unusual when blank space is there in the same column in between of other items whose qty is actually shown as 0.
In previous versions(before edit column update) is used to show ‘0’ irrespective of whether item has ever been purchased or sold.

When blank space is there instead of ‘0’, working on excel sheet is also comparatively difficult using “copy to clipboard” button

@lubos can you please make it show ‘0’ qty instead of blank space as it was before the edit column updates?

I prefer the old way as well. When I want to quickly check inventory for negative QTY I get items with blank QTY storted before the negative ones.

Exactly my point, manager as of today does not have ability to check qty on the go while making invoice, & adding that capability has been in “ideas” for many years now.
So with the present scenario the only way to check qty in hand is by opening inventory tab, & if number of item is too many it is highly desirable that it should present all inventory data & attribute in an easy way as much as possible.

Also it would be great if cursor is set automatically in search box when the inventory tab is opened, & typing in search box automatically filters & give matching items without have to click search or press enter key.

See @BawarYassin’s solution for this here.

I know about the solution @BawarYassin has provided , as i myself have made the last post in that thread. But that is only a temporary workaround. Since extension are in obsolete category, they can break anytime if html changes.
Also it only brings cursor to the search field, typing inside search box does not give you the result unless you either click search or press enter key.
I am requesting for function similar to how typing on business page starts to give you only matching business names. I dont know how efficient that would be for the program , or how much resource it would consume, but if not much is to be traded, I think this would be a very welcome addition.