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Kindly help this issue
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It is not wise to work with obsolete versions of Manager.
So I would advise to address your problem with your PC in combination with the current version, in stead of trying to use an old version.
So can you show what problem you exactly have when trying to use the current version?
Maybe we can help.

iI agree with @ries so you could start with sharing your hardware (type of computer) and operating system (windows, mac or linux and version). Also explain what happens during installation of newer version because there actually should not be a problem because you are able to run a not too old 2022 version (22.1.28).

Today I try to Upgrade the Manager Version 22.1.28 to (My PC type windows 7)
Installation I follow the Steps After finish I can not See Manager Logo and File its Download
But I can not able to open it .
Capture the File picture .Below for your reference .

I have Some Urgent work so i back to 22.1.28 Old version . Now Old Version all its ok like before Only Missing in KSA Branch Invoice QR Code Not Showing Its My Problem .
I try to go Business details to edit the location in Saudi Arabia . But the option Not Available .

I like to Go New version Upgraded One Please share if any ideas and suggestions .

Tomorrow I try with My IT Team get Support for Version Upgrade .
thanks for your kind support @ries @eko

Do you use the 32-bit version of Windows 7?
Then you need to download the right version:
and then look for the windows 32-bit version:

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Dear Ries

Thanks for your Valuable suggestion Really appreciated
My PC windows 7 (64-bit )
I will try again and noticed if facing problems

It is not clear what is not working when you are trying to do the installation. A series of screenshots would help us to help you.

Alternatively you can always first uninstall the current installation of Manager and then do a fresh install. Your data would not get lost, but even better if you backed up each business file and then after the installation import each of these businesses from the Manager homepage (see screenshot below)

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