New version installation problems


Thanks for your Kind Support
I am using Version 22.1.28
I am using theme Plain (Built -in theme ) @Ealfardan
I can see from your capture Tax Amount Column Kindly Assist this which version available @Tut
and which One latest version for using with all of the Options
The current desktop version is - your version is from January and there have been many updates since then.

After I download the file showing like this


I can not open

Kindly share version 22.1.28 Link for main time I will back

See my post at Copy Sales Order to Sales Invoice - #8 by eko where you can find old versions yourself.

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You already posted this in another topic, so advise you to delete this post.

Ok I will do new topic post

You already have a topic on it.

Hai Pau

Once I download and Update the Version it can not be open
the software not showing manager logo … why come like this you have any idea. so Now I am back to my old verson 22.1.8.
But I am Loosing QR code Even I can not edit the Business details @pau

There’s something blocking your file association. You can still open your file through Manager as @eko suggested in another thread:

This should in theory fix the file association issues.

Side note: check whether two versions of Manager are installed as this could be a possible cause for files not being associated with Manager.