Purchasing by the Pound, Selling by the Unit

We are new to manager.io, (if there are any forum rules we should be observing that we are not, please let us know). Our business is electronic scrapping. We purchase our “inventory” by the pound in different categories. So a given inventory SKU might be “Clean Aluminum Scrap By Weight”, we then sell some of this as scrap again, so in this example, we simply add “Clean Aluminum Scrap by Weight” to the Sales Receipt for the customer that buys it from us. However, some of the the items we remove from the scrap and then we sell them as units, for instance, let’s say we refurbish a switch and sell that as a unit, then our units on the item we are selling are different.

I have been thinking of a way to properly handle this, and the way I have come up with is to implement an inventory kit which is comprised of “X Scrap by Weight” (whatever we purchased it as), and then we enter it’s weight, the inventory kit would be “Cisco XXX Switch” with the units being individual items.

Am I on the right track with this?

Yes. This is exactly what I would do.

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Cool, so then when I do that, if I select “Custom Income Account” on the Inventory kit, will that then report in the PNL on both the income account for the component item and on the inventory kit or how does that work?