Purchase Quote : Adding Non inventory accounts to it

Using Manager

As per the attached Screenshot, I tried to create purchase quote to non inventory account. Expense account, but there is no option for accounts to be selected. Only inventory Items.

If you see a regular purchase Invoice, you will see that I can choose any account I want.

Purchase quotes are not financial transactions and, therefore, are not posted to any account.

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Good day @Tut
Thanks for your kind reply.
I am not asking for the quote to be posted directly to any accounts.
I understand that the posting process comes from a Purchase Invoice.
What I am asking for is to add the option of accounts to purchase quotes so that when I have a vendor who provides me with a service (Such as Maintenance), I would be able to create a purchase quote choosing the Maintenance Account.
And so on.
Thank again.

A Purchase Quote is used to record a request to a supplier to give you a quote for the supply of goods and/or services or to record the price of same

A Purchase Order is used to record the authorization sent to a supplier to deliver goods and/or services

I wonder have you mixed up the two

From your explanation it seems more like a Purchase Invoice should be used, as the supplier has actually delivered the service

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Dear, Joe.
Thanks for your kind reply.
The service was not delivered yet.
All I am asking is to add the option of selecting an account to the purchase Quote or a purchase order (That is not the main issue here) so that I can create it as a step before creating the actual purchase invoice (Which I totally understand is the one that has an effect over the posting process and accounting)

Use the Non-Inventory items for your maintainace item.

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It is a good solution.
Still I do not see the issue with adding an account line with the purchase order or purchase quote.

It was explained by @Tut that Purchase Quotes are not financial transactions and thus not posted to any account. Let me add to this, in the Manager guides at Create purchase quotes or requests for quotation | Manager it clearly states:

…Strictly speaking, neither is an accounting transaction. They have no financial or inventory impact. They do not involve actual purchase of goods or services, movement of inventory, or payment of money. In fact, they are not really necessary at all…

It also explains that Manager uses the Purchase Quote for two distinct Purposes: The most common one is the RFQ ( A request for quotation solicits offers from suppliers).

The other one, which in my view is redundant and potentially confusing is “… A purchase quote records an offer by a supplier of goods or services at defined prices and terms…” In that case you would already have received a Sales Quote and you could either record that for internal purposes first as a Sales Order, but I think if you want to enact the purchase based on the Sales Quote you could just create a Purchase Invoice and send to the Supplier.

Thanks @eko
Maybe I did not make my request clear enough.
Again, I totally understand that a purchase Qoute or a purchase order has no financial effect.
I understand that well, as I have stated many times.
I have a simple request, Can you add The accounting lines for the selection. Such as the inventory lines are added.
You will find that @VACUUMDOG has found a solution to that by creating non inventory items.
I am suggesting another solution, which is “Add the accounting lines to the selection”
Which will save me the trouble of creating a non inventory item.

I understood your request clearly and gave explanations as why these would not work. By the way @VACUUMDOG explained based on your subject title which is about non-inventory accounts (by the way that is almost all accounts in an accounting system such as income and expense accounts!) but using non-inventory items as example but same can be done when filling the Custom income and Custom expense accounts in Inventory items. Now back to the request.

You requested:

I am sorry to say but you lack the understanding about what an Account is. See for more info What is an account? | AccountingCoach

Especially that:

Definition of Account

In accounting, an account is a record in the general ledger that is used to sort and store transactions.

@Joe91 already indicated that when wanting to show it in accounts you need to use an Invoice or Payment entry.

It seems that you need to widen “your” understanding of what I am trying to achieve here.
I want to issue a purchase quote or a purchase order before issuing an official purchase invoice.
I want to be able to use “Accounts” Other than Inventory.
Not to post to them the transaction.
But to define the type of service I am willing to receive from a specific supplier.
Again. I am not asking for it to be posted to the chart of accounts or any financial effect.
Exactly like what @VACUUMDOG is doing using a non inventory items.
Nothing here is for the usage of accounts in its regular way.
Nothing here is for the direct posting to anything.

So use it.

And despite attempts explaining to you that Purchase quotes are about wanting to purchase either an inventory or non-inventory item you seem to have some other item to purchase. Accounts are about the transactions as explained as well. I already also mentioned that what you can do with non-inventory iterms as described by @VACUUMDOG can also be done using Inventory items. Just assign an Income and an Expense account in the edit screen of the inventory item (see below).

You have made your request abundantly clear numerous times. Repeating it will not change the fact that what you want is contrary to fundamental accounting principles. A quote is not a transaction and therefore cannot be associated with an account. There simply is no such possibility. So you definitely do not understand, or you would not keep making the request.

A purchase quote can be issued to a service also.
(Purchase quotes are records of purchase information quoted by your vendors for goods or services you might want to purchase later)

Who denies that? We all agree, your misconception is about what an Account is, even though I referred you to the definition. I also explained that both non-inventory (like services and explained by @VACUUMDOG and inventory items (explained by me) can be used on quotes. The issue is not the purpose of the quotes but your misunderstanding of the use of Accounts.

What you are saying is that a purchase quote can only be used using an inventory item or a non inventory item.
Which is still wrong.

Why? Name me anything that is nor an inventory item or a non-inventory item. I mentioned this before.

This is a good example of a non-inventory item, i.e. a maintenance service. Could be anything, including as per guide actual inventory items also like Dades (see Create non-inventory items | Manager), but then as the note says:

Non-inventory items can be used for sale and purchase of physical goods, but they do not support counting quantities on hand, monitoring stock movement, or calculating profitability. For those functions, use inventory items.

If the option of using Accounts in a purchase quote or a purchase order is wrong (Which is not)
Why is it allowed in a purchase Invoice?

Is it that hard to use the same analogy of a purchase invoice with a purchase quote or a purchase order?