What is the reference number in Purchase Orders


I see that the reference number increments when I create a new purchase order, so I believe that this must be My Purchase Order Number. I was putting in the Quote/Order Number from the suppliers! Where do I put their quote/Order Number then?


I would put it in the notes field. But you could just overwrite if you want. The problem with the latter approach is that an auditor might feel better about seeing sequential purchase invoice numbers to verify that purchases were not being diverted. If I remember correctly, some users asked for that capability a while back, so it was added.

Remember, your customer’s request for quote or order is their document. The PO is your document, so it should be serialized (if it is) under your number, not theirs.


Ok, I will put my suppliers quote number in the notes field. This is not to do with my clients. This is when my cabling guy quotes me for an install. He has a quotation number. If I need to query him or any of my suppliers about anything, I need their quote number or their order number. My purchase order number is usually not of any relevance to them.

But as you say, I can put the numbers in the notes field. I might just create a custom field for that as I really think I should have the suppliers quote or order number against my purchase order or purchase invoice. Thank you.