Purchase order - Purchase Invoice | Batch adding

Hello guys how you doing ?

Im new in this awesome software, currently learning in the desktop version.

I would love to add Purchase invoices / orders. in batch, i have lots of products to be added manually, ive added them as inventory items with 0 quantity.

Now im trying to add proper purchase orders in a bulk way and dont find the way.

Two more questions.

  1. Which is the difference between purchase orders and purchase invoices.

  2. Why when i add products and select the “IncomeAccount and CustomIncomeAccount” it does not appear in the product ?

Thanks be waiting for the help!

transactions cannot be entered in batch. only list items like inventory, customers and suppliers can be entered as batch operation. you do not have to enter all the previous purchase invoices if you are migrating from another accounting program to Manager. you can simply set a start date under Settings and set your starting balances.
read below guides.

purchase order is the document you issue to your supplier requesting materials from them and purchase invoices are used to record the invoice received from your suppliers.

the accounts are not entered as plain text in spreadsheet. you should set the account for an item in Manager and then do a Batch Update instead of Batch Create. when you do batch update you can see the hex value linked to the account which you can copy to other items.

Thanks so much bro!