Purchase Order Description

Hi, I have not noticed this, has it just happened or was it always missing.

When I type in the code for the inventory item it appears blank under the description.

When creating the document, the description remains blank.

It seems incorrect in having to type the details in on every line??


The description should pull through from the description field you populated when you created the inventory item.
If you left it blank it will be blank on the quote and invoice. Also on purchase order and purchase invoice.

Hi, thanks.

That will be a solution going forward, but with 427 inventory items it is going to be a nightmare to edit.

What is the purpose of the Item Name then?


Export your list to Excel. Edit and import them again.

Unfortunately I don’t have that as an option yet. Facing decimal problems with this W$%# Mac that will not recognise digits over 3 characters the same as it does 3 and below which will mess around with my pricing. (That is another post with no resolve).

I will look at options of importing and see if there is a work around.

The purpose of the item name is to provide solutions for many different companies’ needs. Some companies use product codes, some don’t. Most like short, informative item names. Others need lengthy, detailed descriptions with unforeseeable parameters.

Item Name is for reporting and selecting item purposes. Apparently Item Code is too cryptic and description is too long so Item Name field has been added.

I’m still trying to figure the right way of dealing with this as many users have conflicting views on how this should work.