Purchase invoices items report

Please i want to know how i can get purchase invoice items in report or at least i want to know number of items i purchased in specific period

Are you using the Inventory Items tab, if yes then after entering the Purchase Invoices you can go to Reports and run Inventory Quantity Movement report

No i do not. i am defining items in Non-inventory items, then use it in purchase invoices

There are no reports available for non-inventory items. These are not really meant for items you wish to track or count. They are meant as shortcuts for frequently entered items, such as standard services or commonly purchased goods and services that are not held in stock.

If tracking movement is important to you, you should consider using inventory items.

actually all my items are not inventory items, can i use custom report to generate purchase invoice items?
and if i defined my items in inventory items, how i can link items with chart of account? i tried to define item in inventory item, then i enter purchase invoices, the amount i entered not reflected in profit and lose statement.

What exactly are you referring to when you say “all my items” ?

Inventory items are only for goods which you buy and sell.
When you buy Inventory Items they are initially posted to the BS - Asset - Inventory On Hand Account.
When they are sold then they get transferred to the P&L statement

i mean i do not have any inventory items. all items i buy is non-inventory items. and i not sell any item.

all what i want report to show items in purchase invoices


You don’t need to use the items field in Purchase Invoices if you don’t have them - just click on the Account field and select.

If you don’t have Inventory Items, then you shouldn’t have the Inventory Items tab listed on the left hand side. Go to Customise under Settings and untick Inventory Items. Now when do your Purchase Invoices the Items field will no longer display

If you have created any Inventory Items then you need to delete them first before going to Customise.