Purchase invoices and payments

-I have been using the Purchase Invoices function to enter invoices that I need to pay at a later date and using the Receipts & Payments>New Payment function to process items that I have paid for on the spot.
My question is, is the software designed so the Receipts & Payments>New Payment function is only supposed to be used for processing payments of Purchase invoices, or am I right to use it as I mentioned above too-that is, paying for items ‘on the spot’?

You are not dong anything wrong. But I would recommend you start the payment of invoices from the purchases invoices tab.

When you view an unpaid invoice and click on the New Payment button it will automatically load the supplier and invoice number.

Thank you very much.
Just to clarify-when I do make an ‘on the spot’ purchase as I put it using the Receipts & Payments>New Payment function, is it necessary to go and create a purchase invoice later to offset the payment?

Purchase invoices are used when you have to buy now and pay later.

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