Accounts Payable - Spend Money

Is there a way, we can do away with those ‘already paid’ purchases invoice being shown on the drop down list? Using V16.4.81. Now, on Spend Money option, once we select the Accounts Payable and move to the Purchase Invoice tab, all the entered Invoices are listed even if they are already paid. Over a period of time, this list can be quite huge and selection of a particular invoice against which the spend money is allocated would become difficult and time consuming. It will be nice, if already paid purchase invoices are taken out from this list thus making the drop down list shorter.

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Good suggestion

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This would be a good improvement on a great program.

I will probably allow invoices to be “closed” so they disappear from autocomplete lists. But generally, when paying suppliers, I suggest to use Supplier credits account instead of Accounts payable. This will allow you to receive money against supplier rather than selecting individual invoices.