Purchase invoice item nowhere to be found

Purchase Inventory item, can’t be found in Invoice.

Also changed the x, from greek to latin and updated the item. Same thing.

The Latin/Greek interchangability you’ve fixed some weeks ago is broken.

Do not look for created Inventory Items under Item, look for them usingInventory on hand ( for Purchase invoice, purchase orders, debit notes, spend money, and journals) andInventory- sales ( for Sales invoice,sales quotes, sales orders, receive money, credit notes and journals ).

You will find them under Accounts but not under Item. Item is used for selecting created Sales Invoice Items, and Purchase Invoice Items.

You can configure manager to use/adjust Inventory items balance on the selling or buying of Sales Invoice Items and Purchase Invoice Items, it requires the same process for creating non inventory Sales and Purchases Invoice Items but you will just have to select Inventory on hand or Inventory - sales accounts and locate the already created Inventory Item in the invoice items creation setup, that way, you can use Item and get correct inventory balances after transactions. I however think it a waste of time. Just use the account field and locate your Inventory item from Inventory - Sales account and Inventory on hand accounts in the picture below.

Understand the difference between the Inventory Items and the Sales and Purchase Invoice Items

I hope I really helped and my plenty talking didn’t confuse you.

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I am sorry for having you write all this big post of yours.

But, as I said I can’t locate the Purchase inventory item, when I am entering the purchase invoice details under the item drop down search cell. You made an excellent post, but it’s not relevant.

My first snip is of the item found in purchase inventory items list. And the second snip is the “new purchase invoice”

Also purchase inventory items list is a cool feature I love. I use it from the first time I’ve learned about it.

@Giorgos_Arnakis - you keep referring to “Purchase Inventory Item” - but Manager doesn’t use that terminology. In Manager you can either have “Purchase Invoice Item” or “Inventory Item”

In your 2nd snip “purchase invoice” it appears that you have started to type and got the message “No Matches Found” - what gets displayed in the drop down search cell by just clicking in it and no typing.

With no typing - all items should list (snip 1 below) with typing you get the message (snip 2 below

Snip1 Snip 2

If the item you want is displayed - just click on it

Like @Brucanna is saying, you are confusing me with your purchase inventory item. Now I know you are looking to find your purchase Invoice Item.

Note: If you created a Sales invoice Item, you won’t find it under Item when you are working on purchases. And If you create a Purchase Invoice Item, you won’t find it under Item when you are working on Sales.
Go back and make sure you have created the Items under the right place.

I am sorry for the confussion.
I’ve created a Purchase invoice item.
And I was trying to access it from the Invoice Item cell.

I did everything as I was doing the past weeks without a problem.

Maybe @lubos will have to look into it. I don’t get it. He will look into it later. Good luck

No! And I found out why. It was obvious in the screenshots. DAMN

i was using the 53X , keyword to find the item, which is its code.
But I should use the “ΤΣΙΜΟΥΧΑ” keyword as this was the name of the item.


Great :smiley:

Your topic heading is confusing also - You said “Inventory Item” but your discussion is about “Purchase Invoice Items” - to totally different things.

Is the Purchase Invoice Item, that you displayed, a product that you selling or is it service that you are providing. If it’s a product that you are selling and you want to keep track of the stock then creating it as a Purchase Invoice Item is completely incorrect - it should be created as an Inventory Item.

As @Abeiku was saying - Purchase/Sales Invoice items aren’t interchangeable when Purchase Invoices and Sales Invoices - only Inventory Items are interchangeable between the two and will also update stock balances

I recognize my mistake and I apologize, please stop with the bashing? :disappointed:

No bashing, just education about how the different functions in Manager work.

This topic’s title was changed from “inventory item” to “purchase invoice item” to reflect its actual content.

I think I will need to fix this anyway. Manager is not consistent how it’s using item codes across invoice items, inventory items and inventory kits. You should be able to search by item code. But this coming when I move all these items/kits under Items column.