Purchase Invoice inventory still with supplier

I have read the guides and release notes and other’s posts on the subject, all which talk about inventory locations and if you have “Goods Receipts” activated then you have to manually (or via Copy To) receive the items.

To me this all alludes that if you don’t have the Goods Receipts module activated and you don’t define any inventory locations, then they are just stock on hand. Yet, with the Goods Receipts turned off and no Inventory Locations defined, I have some of my stock on hand and some still with suppliers.

I have tried toggling these options on and off, even creating a dummy receipt, but even after deleting that and turning the options back off, I still only have part of my inventory.

I’d prefer to do without the Goods Receipt tab if at all possible. I don’t ever get an invoice without actually receiving the stock and would simply like it to just come on hand. I’m just not sure if I’ve set something wrong somewhere.


items from an invoice that I’d like to be received straight to “inventory on hand”

in the generated invoice, they are put into inventory on hand, but are stuck with the supplier:

Goods Receipts and Inventory Transfers are off:

No Locations are set:

Latest Version as at this morning:

I suppose if it has to be done then I will use the module, but since I don’t need to track location I was trying to avoid using it.

If this is the case then you may need to delete the transactions relating to those inventory items as it appears between the toggling things have got confused - delete in reverse order.

If you don’t need the Goods Receipts tab, then don’t use it.
Also, Inventory Locations can be used with or without Goods Receipts.

I have actually never had those in use, Receipts or Locations. I only activated them today in the hopes that turning them on and off might force them to revert to “on hand”, but it didn’t.

What I have determined is:

if I purchase something through “Spend Money” they become on hand straight away.

If I purchase through an invoice, the items remain with the supplier.

I just created a whole new invoice (because I’m expecting an order tomorrow anyway) and those are being held by the supplier as far as manager is concerned:

Yet the ones I purchased today from Coles thru spend money, are the 24 at the top of the inventory that are marked as “on hand”:

Invoice I just created as I typed this post:

Understand and I can recreate this
It would appear that even though the Good Receipts and Delivery Notes tabs aren’t activated they are still being required - compulsory rather then voluntary - I will see if I can get this elevated to bug status

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In the spirit of modular design, I agree, if you are not using Goods receipts and Delivery notes, then Manager shouldn’t track what is to be received from supplier or shipped to customers.

The latest version (17.1.27) fixes this issue.


Thanks @lubos

Thanks! You’re the champion as always