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Good day @lubos

In the Purchase Invoice I suggest to provide a Address field below the Supplier similar to the Billing address field below the Customer in a Sales Invoice.

We have one-time suppliers who provide services on credit and such services need to be recorded in the Purchase Invoices tab rather than the usual practice of using the Receipts and Payments when the payments are immediate.

So for such one-time suppliers we can create a single Supplier to reduce clutter and enter the specific supplier details including their tax identification numbers in the suggested address field while recording a purchase.

I hope this is implemented on priority.

Good day @lubos

If above concern are implemented would be wonderful for us to work with.

Your desired workflow would be possible with the changes in this idea: Improvement to payment and receipt forms.

@Tut i am already aware of the availability of the topic you linked to. but that was focused on cash payments and improving the Receipts & Payments tab.

my suggestion was related to entering purchase invoices of suppliers who supply on credit and the requirement of a specific field for address in Purchase Invoice tab.

i believe this should be a separate idea and would be easier to implement for the developer (and beneficial to users) compared to the complex changes required to the program as suggested in the topic you linked to. a lot of ideas combined would take longer to implement compared to a simple idea of making a field available.

Any supplier—including the artificial one you described to encompass multiple, one-time suppliers—must be defined in the Suppliers tab first, because that is how the subsidiary ledger in Accounts payable is established. (Remember, suppliers are just subsidiary ledgers in that control account.) With your “lumped” supplier, you would have no way to distinguish which purchase invoice belongs to which supplier. Addresses seem like a poor method. What if you have two suppliers operating at the same industrial site with the same address? That is a common situation.

true. that is the adopted practice as stated below in my initial post.

this is where we utilize the Description field. also, for the same reason many users including me requested many times on the forum for a Business Identifier field for Suppliers (but that is not something I want to discuss in this topic).

@Tut with all respect there is nothing much to discuss on this topic. this is a simple request to make the Purchase Invoice form similar to the Sales Invoice form where the user has the freedom to edit the address as they need. what the user enters in the address field to suit their business need is nothing to be debated about as it is the choice of the user.

I have put this into Ides.

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@lubos for business requirements as explained in the above posts and for consistency, please consider extending this idea to Debit Notes, Purchase Quotes and Purchase Orders.