Import Invoice Items List into Cash accounts receive money action

Hi, I have been using Manager for a month and absolutely love it, thank you so much for providing such an easy program. :smile:
I would love to be able to use the Invoice items list for point of sale clients as all my customers pay upon purchase, so ideally instead of doing an invoice and then going back into it to receive payment, I would love to be able to go through cash account - actions - receive money and have my items there to choose from and then print out a receipt for the transaction. hope I am making sense?



Yeah, what you need is some kind of plugin to record “cash sales” where you enter invoice details and payment information in single step, then print out receipt for customer.

There will be some plugin for this once there is enough interest. As you said you can always create credit invoice and then receive a payment. It’s two-step process, not ideal but good enough for the time being while I’m working on other plugins such as inventory, payroll etc. Once done, I’ll certainly address this inconvenience.