when I put the project in column of project in journal
it is done perfectly and I can see it in reports of project
but, when I put the project IN front of account like petty cash
as I done it as special account it appears as negative amount and it was deducted from the project ?
if I put it IN front of account like costs it is appeared correctly in project
and it increases the cost of project

You need to show the edit screen for your special account. Also, share the edit screen for the transaction.

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the third one petty cash is negative despite of defining it in project column beside of petty cash account as especial account
Dr: Employee clearing account (settlement of salary )
Cr: petty cash on specific project …

for translation the first one is gas and transportation
the second one is purchases

This is not either of the Edit screens I requested.

Can you explain more how you record the salaries of the employees of a specific project?