Expense appears as -ve income

Help please
When I dissect a bank deposit which includes a charge deducted from the gross payment, the expense item is shown as a negative figure in the income section of the project report. I haven’t been able to find a solution searching the forum and the guides.
Regards Peter

This is as designed. Net amount goes to project income or expense. But I agree that projects should probably determine whether it’s income or expense based on general ledger account.

The project section should be like division section.
(Have a report to tell what transactions is not associated to a project, can be add to the customer, and can be shown in PL)

I have created many custom fields in project section, and they never show in the report even win i print.

@lubos hope this will be in your radar, and appreciated

The project reports are a great help, particularly to one of our clients which is a charity. At any time I can give them a quick report on how their different fund raising events are going. It would be great if the expense items all appeared in expenses rather than some in income and sometimes the same account again in expenses. I haven’t had a situation where a payment out included an income offset, but I assume the same thing would happen - the income would be shown as a -ve expense?