Project option for payslip items

i have multiple projects and also hired for multiple employee …i have pay via payslip then cant show project option …how will costing calucalte for project wise ?
please show project option as part of line item

The project field appears after an account has been selected if the context makes sense. Your post does not state where you cannot select a project. Please furnish screen shots and explain in detail.

i know…but option was there but after many updates the project option had removed

I can confirm that in Desktop version the project entry field does not appear when creating or editing a payslip even though the Payslip Item is attached to an expense account.
The project entry field does appear if you make a direct payment to this account

i know but it’s wrong …i need generate payslip…why option is disabled from payslip ?

It’s a bug, in my opinion

I don’t think it is a bug, per se. I think the program is functioning as designed. But the design seems flawed. Normally, projects can only be selected for income and direct costs. Payslips create liabilities.

So it makes sense that the Project field only appears on the payment transaction. But that overlooks the fact that a payment to an employee for wages might include compensation for work performed on several projects. It is practically impossible to know how much of an employee’s balance in Employee clearing account is due to a specific project, even if you tried to distribute a payment among several projects using separate line items. The only way around that I can see is to have separate wage expense accounts for every project. But that would clutter the balance sheet until they could be made inactive.

A more workable approach seems to be to set projects when defining payslip earnings items. Or it could be incorporated on payslips, using common earnings items.

@lubos, what do you think? @hussainiii claims this capability formerly existed on payslips. I confess I do not know if that was true.

It is common practice in project-based organizations that employees maybe assigned proportions of their time to various projects and these are charged to these projects although through a single bank transaction clearing the payslip. So functionality that allows for this provides a clear use case and therefore important to consider implementing by @lubos.

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I have tried to find reasons not to add this to ideas but I couldn’t find any. I think it would be a good addition.

There have been requests for Manager to show project expenses under subheadings namely:

Material cost
Labor cost
Direct expenses and
Other expenses

Project cost incurred via payslips can be reported under project labour cost.

Added to ideas

See also Payslip Items as part of Projects? - Manager Forum

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While I think this would make my Project Based Accounting easier as we tag commissions earned by employees to each projects they handle, wouldn’t this make our Payslip too lengthy? For example, an Employee who is handling 10 projects at a time, this would make your payslip have 10 lines rather than only 1.

I prefer having a different tab to link this project costs to multiple projects per employee. And be able to offset that account in a payslip earning item.

That should not be a concern, it is more important that the employee’s payslip shows a record of the breakdown of the constituting details because the payment against this payslip will only be a single total amount as recorded in the bank statements of the employer and the recipient employee.

You are going to have to enter all the information somewhere. So it is not more work. And why not make the entries at the source?

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No, breakdown of work hours per project should not be carried individually in the payslips. There should be a separate tab that will be intended for this like timesheets.

I believe its not a matter of more work, but proper organization of data. This will then help enable to scale the system once User Permissions be improved.

Problem of making/tagging the hours in the payslip is that this will affect your Project View Report as it would bring the user back to its transaction where the information of an employees Salary be displayed.

ok then what about project cost ? how can you calculate ?

I am using the functionalities of Expense Claim to recognize the Cost per Employee attributable to a Project, Control Accounts to store the temporary data, and Journal Entry offset and clear-off accounts.

@lubos please reply

This was the approach @lubos is heading to.

@lubos Has there been any more thought put into this? For contractors using the project tab this would be a big help

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Yeah Im having same problem. I dont have an accounting mind but keeping track of hours by putting them toward a project would be great. Id also like the payslip to have some sort of reckoning like paid or processed or something that would be make it noticeable that it was paid, I mean you do press the tab PAYMENT to pay it? But nothing confirms that action.

As I written many times on the forum, that is because you do not pay specific payslips. You post payments to the employee’s ledger in Employee clearing account. That is a fundamental, underlying aspect of Manager’s payroll approach. There simply is no one-to-one correspondence between payslips and payments.