Payslip based on project or division

We are an NGO, and our employees’ salaries are funded through various projects. Donors often request a detailed breakdown of expenses related to their specific projects. Is there a way to allocate salary payments to specific divisions or projects when processing new payments from payslips?

I think the forecasts would be categorized or classified by the division or the project for facilitate the reporting process.


What do you think of my suggestions?

If you have enabled Projects and Divisions along with creating at least one of them, your payslip earnings will display the fields to allocate them to a project or division.

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Yes, you are right. But, I need to pay the employee based on the project or division as shown below in the picture:

The allocation to the project is done when you create the payslip, not when you make the payment

Yes, but when create the payslip, the journal, will be made with a built-in account "Employee clearing account " I want to clear this account by paying the payslip from a certain bank and cash account. Therefore, how to inform during the payment that this payment is allocated for an employee on this project or division. I hope you got my point.

The allocation to the project or division is made when you create the payslip

I am not taking about the allocation, I am talking about the payment by a bank account.

The allocation of costs to a project or division is made when the cost is recognised by creating a Purchase Invoice, a Payslip or an Expense Claim

If it was also created when the payment is made, then it would be double-counted and I am sure that your sponsor and supporters would not want that

@SamirSN when you pay an employee for a liability that is created by a Payslip then you can only allocate that payment to the Employee Clearing liability account.

Thanks for the clarifications @tony and @Joe91

I wonder if the forecasts (project budget) can be categorized or classified by the division or the project for facilitate the reporting process.?
I wonder if there is a report that can compare the forecast and real payments ?

Unfortunately Manager really does not operate on budgets, the budget forecast is the best it can do. In cases where we run donor projects we use other software (Oracle Finances) where we can assign budgets and where the different teams can expend against these budget lines with alerts and blocking when overspending. These also have granular budget and expense approvals, etc. For simple projects just record the funds received in bank as income and allocate the expenses. You can occasionally run the budget report.

Thanks @eko

I think can do it. just it needs to link the forecast and the payments in one report. that’s all.