Payslip items as part of projects or another way to resolve this Problem

Hello Everyone,
Hope you are all doing great.
I’m accountant and I’m a CMA Holder, I’ve been working as a freelancer for a company that use Manager as the accounting program for its transactions.
so the issue is that the expenses of the wages that come from the Payslips can’t be assigned to Projects and i know Manager doesn’t provide this option.
so if there’s any advise that could resolve this problem i will be thankful.

I do not know why you decided to create this topic, especially because you indicate that “…i know Manager doesn’t provide this option…”

because i need solutions helping in allocating the wages to the projects even if the solutions without using the Payslips option.
but i need aslo to export reports that shows the details of every employee wages and the hours of the wages.
so do you have a solution?
thanks in advance

@mohamed3 this is already in ideas under different topic.

As for a report, there is going to be separate view to list all payslip earnings lines across all payslips. Something similar has been implemented under a few tabs already.

Hello lubos
Hope you are well.
thank you for your interest.
i saw this topic before and i didn’t find a solution for my problem.
and another problem that the special fields i’ve created for the payslip doesn’t appear while creating the special report when selecting the special fields while preparing the report