Added project-based accounting

Yes. Thinking this through. I think it will be different. It’s not exactly P&L because projects can have income or costs assigned to balance sheet accounts but from management point of view, you still want to see them as income / direct costs to see profit.

In the latest version (21.9.30) when you click View button on project, you will see this statement summarizing income / direct costs by account regardless whether the account is P&L or balance sheet.

Yes. If you want to establish “starting balances” for project, create pre-start transactions just like it can be done for anything else in Manager.

Previously, receipt not attached to customer would show as direct cost but I’ve changed that in the latest version and every receipt unless attached to a supplier will show as income. I think this better reflects expectations.

I will need to think this through so journal entries can adjust both income or direct costs.

I’m not sure this will be the right approach. I think I will need to add new tab called Timesheets which can be used to generate payslips but also can record time employees are spending between projects and add the cost of it to the project too.

This way direct costs can show up under Projects tab as soon as timesheet entry is made rather than waiting for employee to have their payslip issued. Not to mention, if employee was working across 10 projects, you’d need at least 10 payslip earnings line items (one for each project) which I think would not be practical.