Project Field in Purchase Invoice

When you create a PO there is a field for Project but when you copy this PO to Purchase Invoice this field disappear

is there any solution for this to appear

Thank you

There is also no possibility to select a project on the Purchase Invoice straight up.

Yes you should select the account 1st

@mnyassien, when a purchase order designates a project, the costs are added immediately to the direct costs of the project, even though no actual purchase has yet occurred. When you copy that purchase order to a purchase invoice, you cannot designate the project again. That would result in double-counting.

This was a recent change to improve timeliness of project management information. See this post: Projects' Direct Cost Includes Purchase Orders - #28 by lubos. Read the preceding posts in that thread for more information on the logic behind the change.

If you do not want to include purchase orders in project accounting, do not assign projects until the purchase invoice phase.