Progress Invoicing


I am new user of Manager software, Can anyone advise me about below mentioned items.

  1. How can i use progress Invoicing
  2. Multiple projects/jobs for single customer

You have asked very broad questions, so you will receive only broad answers.

In general, progress invoicing is no different from any other type of sales invoice. Enter the goods or services delivered so far that have not been previously invoiced.

If you have multiple projects, you can combine them on a sales invoice or create separate sales invoices listing only goods/services that apply to a project.

General guidance about sales invoices is here: Create sales invoices | Manager.

If you invoice according to time, see Record billable time | Manager and Invoice billable time | Manager.

If you have further questions, please provide specifics.

Thank you for your quick response,

  1. I want to ask that If We have received a purchased order from client for 10000 USD and we entered in accounting system, Now I am generating invoice for this customer against PO but I have to select only 10% of purchase order at invoice time and remaining 90% will remain in PO. and for 2nd invoice when I select that customer it gives me information that this PO already invoiced for 10% now how much you want to invoice. is there any option like that in Manager.

  2. Is it possible to make multiple jobs under one client. and Later in reports I can know total business with client with all jobs.

Client A:
Job 1 (Job already closed before 1 year)
Job 2 (Current Project)
Job 3 (Current Project)
Client B:
Job 1
Job 2

  1. How can I check transaction list of any expense account same as below picture.

@draqkhan read the topic below, I have already suggested for a feature like that. Tracking balances on Purchases and Sales orders.

As I said before, you can have as many jobs as you want for a client. What are you trying to accomplish that you believe whatever designation or organization you are asking about will help? Manager does not record accounting transactions by job.

There is a report, Sales Invoice Totals by Customer.