Program will not accept more than 12 significant figures

Hello, I have encountered in Bank Reconciliation that when my balance have 11 digits with two decimal places. For example, if i input the balance of 11,000,000,000.92, it will be recorded as 11,000,000,000.90. Really hope that this can be fixed on the next version.

Thank you so much

Can you post a screen shot of this?

Thank you.



I can reproduce this bug. The program only accepts 12 significant figures for numerical values, regardless of where the decimal place is. Everything else is converted to a zero. This happens everywhere in the program, not just in Bank Reconciliations.

I have moved this topic to the bugs category and changed the subject to more accurately reflect the problem.

Should be fixed in the latest version (20.6.30)

That’s great thank you very much

Thank you Lubos.

Hi Tut & Lubos, I just downloaded the latest version Desktop Version 20.7.13. I think it’s not fixed yet. Thanks.

@Cucu I had to revert this fix because it broke something else. What screens you need 12+ digits on? Just bank reconciliation screen?

I see ok. Yes it’s just the bank reconcilation screen. The Bank transactions are ok.

The latest version (20.7.76) will allow you to enter 12+ figures into bank reconciliation amount screen.