Inventory item starting balance number format bug

I think this should be corrected. The problem is in presentation of the total amount only


The staring balance should be 15,95008, as it shows below

Account balances are rounded to the nearest unit of the currency. The Euro has nothing smaller than a cent.

I think the problem is that the starting balance screen edit shows the wrong value
17 x 0,93824 = 1.595.008 when it should be 15,95008 ie it is multiplied by 100000

The actual value recorded is correct 15,95 or 15.95
Not sure what format the numbers are in - but it looks like , for decimal place and . for 1000s, etc

You are right @Joe91
The problem is only on presentation level. The calculations are right in the following screen

I thought your complaint was the precision of the number in the final listing, not the format. What number format have you chosen under Preferences?

here it is


Moved to bugs. I also edited the subject.

Fixed in the latest version (19.11.89)