Checking for updates

Dear lubos,

How can we check for latest updates and update to newer versions ?

Thanks in advance.

Do not divert topics with unrelated questions. Yours had nothing to do with file naming. Check for significant updates here: Not all updates are announced, because many are not detectable by users. To update, just download the new version and install the same way you did the older version. No need to uninstall anything first.

No need to get offended. My intention was not to divert the topic. I was just reading releases and came across that there are updates. As I have recently purchased perpetual license and I am a beginner I didn’t know how to download new updates. That was it.
To understand it completely and implement it properly i needed the required support and I asked for it not more than that.

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No offense was taken. As moderator, I was reminding you of rules of the forum. Read the FAQ for others.

I would like to read the rules of the forum please.

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