Profit rate (123...) %

Profit rate (123…) %
Is it possible to add the profit rate as a percentage or a whole number, as is the case when entering the data of items to the inventory?
As it is known to all traders to calculate the profit by percentage

Where do you want to enter this rate and what effect do you want it to have?

@alwakeel, no matter where you want to enter a profit or profit rate in Manager, you cannot enter it and have the program calculate a result for changing costs or other inputs. For example, if trying to update inventory sales prices, you cannot enter a new purchase price and have the program automatically calculate a new sales price. What is possible is to enter a calculation in any number field and have Manager produce the result. So, after entering a purchase price of 100, you could enter 100*1.17 as the sales price for the same item to have Manager to have Manager use a sales price of 117. Once you have created or updated the form, however, only the 117 will be stored, not the calculation formula. See the Guide about calculations in number fields.

About a year ago and times in between you ask similar questions and get similar answers provided by @Tut see for example your post Inventory - #9 by alwakeel

There is no need to duplicate such please.

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