Profit & Loss Sales Total Mismatch with Actuals

Hi Lubos and Team,

We are trying to generate p&l for 2019

We invoice customers in USD and AED

Our P&L Revenue Total is not matching with the total value of sales invoice generated in AED and USD.

I am assuming the p&L is not taking the USD invoices value.

Any assistance on this topic.

Using Sales Invoice custom report and manual invoices total in sales invoice tab we are getting the accurate value,But in p&L the value is incorrect


Not sure what you mean by “p&l”

If you mean a Profit and Loss report, then please post a screen image of the edit screen for the report

Also an en edit screen of a USD invoice which is not being reported

Remember that the sales value of the invoice will be reported in AED using the exchange rate on the date of the invoice

There could be many reasons:

  • Selection of accrual versus cash basis accounting
  • Differences in date settings between reports or on Summary page
  • Different exchange rates have been entered

This is not something that can be investigated without complete access to your accounts. So we can make suggestions of things to check, but you will have to find the reasons for differences.

Hi Lubos and Joe ,thanks for your reply,Kindly find snapshots shared and explained below,I can share access to our books through Teamviewer is necessary.

Find Below What my Actual profit and Loss Report show as our income for 2019

Below is what i get from Sales Invoice Total By Customer Report (Which includes all for 2019 leaving aside My Rebates Incentives that we derive from our Prinicpals)

Below is what by Sales Invoice Tab shows(in AEd and USD) when i search in as /2019 (Yes we have individually checked every invoices in this search and all are invoiced for 2019)

I Have edited various images as to my customer details are hidden.

Can you kindly advise.


Sorry could just post 3 Image in the one post

When i select Sales Invoice Total By Custom Field is what i am assuming is the actual figures i get below if i filter as location for 2019

Can you kindly assist whats the issue as we are between our audits.
Thanks again Lubos and Joe.


You need to show edit screens for the various reports you have shown

The Sales Total by customer will not include any cash sales or refunds

Drilling down on the total in the Profit and Loss report will list all the invoices and cash sales making up the total

Hi Joe,

For obvious reasons we cant share all details across in a public forum,
We can share report access to out books,

Will that work out?


Sorry, no
I don’t understand how edit screen of report definitions is sensitive data nor an edit image of an invoice where you can block sensitive data such as customer name

@3draj, you have made it impossible to determine anything from your screen shots:

  • You obscured so much information, it is not possible to tell what you are displaying in some cases.
  • You have constructed montage images that do not resemble what appears on any screen.

All that can be said at this point is that there is no reason to expect any of the following figures to agree with any of the others:

  • Total income
  • Sales invoice totals for any or all customers
  • Sales invoice totals in various currencies
  • Sales invoice totals by custom field

If you have a problem and want help, you will need to more clearly explain and illustrate it. Tell and show what you think is wrong and why.