Profit and Loss Statement


Hello, i use the statement and so far all is ok. However, i have one issue on that. I have several bank accounts and customer which pay in different currencies like EURO, USD, HKD.

now the statement is always calculating and show up the total, also convert the currency f.e. to Euro. Is is possible to ad or adjust something here that I can see or choose to get f.e. the Profit/Loss as total or from customer just in USD? Then i have this more clear and not always impact on the exchange rate

I am not sure but maybe just can ad a field to choose which bank account numbers should come from ? Now we have from/to/tracking code, then maybe also ad bank account

thanks for help


Profit & Loss Statement is not concerned in which currencies the income was earned or expenses paid. Also the report is not concerned about in which bank account the income was paid into or expenses paid from.

P&L is a standard report which shows summary of all your cash & non-cash income/expenses in single currency (typically in base currency)

What exactly are you trying to summarize? Total sales by customer? Because what you are asking to do will no longer be P&L.


@lubos - I have a customer which pay in USD, at same time i have a supplier, i also pay USD to them. So if I now make a P/L based on this customer and supplier, the amount which shows is in euro and not anymore in USD - it will show and calculate in Euro due to this is my base currency (I use the tracking code to make the P/L report).


Is this customer and supplier related to a job/project and what you are trying to see is how much you made on this job?

I just don’t understand what exactly you are trying to achieve but P&L is the wrong report for whatever you have in mind.


yes, right. This is always related to a project and I want to see clearly my profit and loss on that. On the customer use Euro (base currency), all is fine. Just have this issue due to USD and the amount is changed to euro. So in report in see p/L but based on euro, i want to see it on USD

hope more clear now?


But why is it important to see amounts in both currencies? If you need to measure profitability, you need all amounts to be converted into the same currency. That’s the way to figure out profit or loss on the job.


because now it also have impact on exchange rate, i would like to see it without. The USD always converting to euro but i don’t know what rate it is using. I don’t change USD to euro, so i cannot see clear what business is on the USD account and what on euro account due to both are mixed together

or is there any other way to separate this reports and get one for USD, Euro and HK- Dollar?