Products quantity from inventory Items

Thank you for your great work! I am a cloud subscriber, i would like to have a feedback in the inventory items, the qty is related to the purchase invoice, we are a factory, we do manufacture some items, it is hard for me every time to enter an item I have to make a purchase invoice, qty must be modified directly from inventory items.

Another thing, I tried the server, when I run it i am not able to go to the localhost in any way, it was listening to 80 port, but cannot access it. How can I pay the 200$?

Not sure what you mean by this. If you manufacture items, don’t use purchase invoices to “manufacture” these items. You should use Manufacturing orders or Inventory kits (depends whether you manufacture regardless of demand or whether you manufacture on order)

You might need to consult IT person. The license cannot be purchased if you are unable to get server edition running.