Production Orders - Enhancements


inventory location can also be considered the location where the inventory is produced. a business can have more than one production units.

i was referring to the total items produced over time and not a single production order. the total shall be based on UOM. this way a user can search for the total of any specific inventory produced.

this was already discussed between us few posts prior. i just mentioned the same again for better visibility.


Manager doesn’t view things this way. Inventory locations are where inventory is counted. You would need a completely separate field. So why not use a custom field if all you are showing is where production occurs? In other words, this feature is already available.


I agree, it can be sorted to show all productions in a particular location (Using Search tool/sorting). Every location can now have a production history.

Quantity produced must be shown, totals wont be necessary. That said, there has to be some reports for Production orders (Production Report) in the report tab. This report should show quantities of items produced and under what location/warehouse. The report must also allow for periodic reporting. E.g. 10 units of product B was produced in November 2017, 4 in Location XYZ and 6 in Location EFG



I like this post very much, i am paid member of and BOM is required in this software on urgent basis. please guide if there is a plan to do it soon.