Batch Create Production Order

Hi, I’m about to create 19 production orders for 19 items that use exactly the same raw material. Therefore I decided to batch-create production orders but after filling out the spreadsheet with plain language, the outcome was not desired. The suspense account didn’t work & also the finished item, raw material didn’t work.

I saw the following thread from 2018 on a similar topic, and I come to know that some sort of coding is required to get the desired result.

Someone, please help me fill the spreadsheet since creating hundreds of production orders is not practical.

  • manually enter the first production order in Manager
  • start a batch update of production orders. From the batch update file delete all other production orders and the “Key” column
  • in your spreadsheet program duplicate the data row 19 times and change the values which differ.
  • use this data file in a production order batch create